Alfred Sorenson - Chair
Peter A. Johnson - Treasurer/Secretary
Rosa McDonald - Director
Sharon Watkins - Director



Thank-you for thinking of making a gift to The Alberta Ballet Foundation. We welcome your donation. We have set out below some of the general guidelines we consider which will facilitate your donation to the Foundation. We want to ensure that your donation is properly acknowledged and meets our mutual objectives of building an endowment fund that will provide significant long-term financial support for the artistic and educational endeavours of the Alberta Ballet Company. Your gift to The Alberta Ballet Foundation provides you with an opportunity to ensure a legacy of enduring artistic excellence. We want to ensure that we maximize the potential of your donation while recognizing your personal objectives and our mutual commitment to sustaining excellence at The Alberta Ballet.


These Guidelines:

  1. recommend various means of charitable giving which facilitate the growth of The Alberta Ballet Foundation’s endowment fund,
  2. ensure that gifts are made and accepted so that we each are clear that the gift aligns with the mission statement and goals of the Alberta Ballet Foundation and we are aware of your wishes,
  3. identify what we can issue a receipt for in accordance with the requirements of the Income Tax Act,
  4. ensure appropriate administration and accurate reporting of charitable gifts to The Alberta Ballet Foundation, and
  5. ensure consistent, equitable relations with you as the donor in accordance with The Alberta Ballet Foundation’s commitment to donor stewardship and recognition.


As you will appreciate, our guidelines and practices are subject to and must comply with the guidelines established by the Canada Revenue Agency. We are not able to offer you any tax advice regarding your gift and recommend that you seek your own advice from your tax advisor in connection with planning and making your gift to The Alberta Ballet Foundation.


We recognize that there are many different ways to contribute a gift to The Alberta Ballet Foundation.

The following gifts are most easily received by The Alberta Ballet Foundation:

  • gifts of cash or cheques
  • gifts in kind, including: marketable securities, real estate
  • gifts in wills: bequests, residual estate interests
  • life insurance policies
  • trust agreements
  • charitable annuities

The Alberta Ballet Foundation is not able to accept gifts that violate federal, provincial or municipal laws. If your gift falls outside the above suggestions, such as gifts of art or personal property, we would be pleased to discuss them with you to ensure that we would be able to use them and realize their full potential within our endowment funds.

Please click here for guidelines governing gift acceptance for the above eligible gifts.